Ranch Computing

Ranch Computing

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• Great Client Service • In-App Plugins • Affordable • Discounts for bigger projects • GPU / CPU Render Farm

• Realflow
• Corona
• ForestPack
• FStorm
• PhoenixFD

Ranch Computing


Ranch Computing is a powerful and easy to use CPU/GPU render farm which offers best value for money on the market: the best of an automated service (24/7, with constant monitoring of your projects) along with a personalized support to answer all your questions. Our last generation Xeon computers are optimized to render all your projects at incredible speed.

Supported Applications3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave 3D, Maxwell Standalone, Maya, Terragen, Vue
Price (based on 500 frames, 5 min per frame, 500 cinebench)€14.00
Speed (based on 500 frames, 5 min per frame, 500 cinebench)3 minutes
CPU descriptionDual Xeon E5-2600v4
GPU description730 OctaneBench per server
Ram per notefrom 128 GB
Payment optionsPaypal or credit card
WebsiteRanch Computing
Fastest render nodes on the marketCB R15 of 4700 per server
Render Farm TypeHave their own Render Farm
GPU rendering
Sync feature
In-App plugins
Tile rendering
Free test credits
Unlimited Render Rental


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