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During our search for a good render farm service, we began taking a critical look at how other farms operated. We quickly discovered several ways to increase accessibility, affordability, and security in every aspect of your render farm experience. Pixel Plow is the continuation of our effort to provide this experience in a simple, competitive package.
Applications Support 3ds Max, After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Lightwave 3D, Maxwell Standalone, Maya, Modo, Softimage, Terragen, Vue
Country United States
Price (based on 500 frames, 5 min. per frame, 500 cinebench) ?
The price is a rough estimate, for more accurate information go to the render farm webpage
$0.005 per Ghz-hr
Speed (based on 500 frames, 5 min. per frame, 500 cinebench) ?
The speed is a rough estimate, for more accurate information go to the render farm webpage.
Depends on Power selected
CPU description Many
GPU description Also many
Memory (ram) on servers 32-96GB
Payment options credit card
Render Farm Type Own Render Hardware
Unique Selling Point Best tools to balance cost versus performance
Direct Output ?
Every finished frame will automatically be downloaded to  your workstation/computer.
Encrypted upload and downloads ?
All transfers are encrypted by an encryption method. (for example: AES-265)
GPU Rendering ?
The farm has graphic card rendering possibilities.
In-App Plugins ?
Upload your project from your own 3D application.
Online Cost Calculator
Smart Check ?
The farm can check your project settings before uploading and warns you if anything is wrong, so you can adjust it before sending it.
Sync Feature ?
Sync/cache your projects on the cloud server to limit upload times.
Tile Rendering ?
Single frames are distributed among multiple nodes for faster results.

Reviews (3)

Sam Torrey
April 18, 2022
Pixel Plow's desktop app provides a clear view on how long a render will take to finish and the estimated cost. It is an amazing feature to be able to change the power level during a job to speed up or slow down a render based on the time sensitivity of a project. The best part is that Pixel Plow delivers rendered frames right to your computer and it such a great feeling to see the render frames quietly appear. Would highly recommend.
Brad Allen
January 17, 2018
My go to render farm for any large C4D projects I'm tackling. Their customer service is great and their integration with all of the GSG plugins and X-particles makes it really straightforward to utilise.
September 07, 2017
I have used it in the past and was very satisfied. Great support

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