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Comparing Render Farm Cost Calculators.

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Comparing Render Farm Prices

Choosing the right render farm can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to comparing prices. In this article, we will compare the prices of five popular render farms based on the cost calculator on their websites. The render farms we will be looking at are Rebus farm, Drop & Render, Ranch Computing, Fox Render farm, and Anima Render. For more prices check our mainpage where we compare over 40 render farms!

We will use a GPU project, and here are our specs:
Render time: 5 min
Amount of frames 500
Machine: One Nvidea RTX 3090 (octane bench of 650)

Take note that this is only what the website are advertising and these calculations will not be 100% accurate. For each farm we took the cheapest options available.

Render Farm Render Costs Render Time
Rebus Farm $345,- Unknown
Ranch Computing $294 51 min
Drop and Render $155 55 min
Fox Render Farm $142 14 hours
Anima Render $337 28 hours

Rebus farm

The details entered on the Rebus farm costs calulator.
Prices for Rebus farm

Drop and Render

The details entered on the Drop & Render costs calulator.
Prices for Drop & Render

Ranch Computing

The details entered on the Ranch Computing costs calulator.
Prices for Ranch Computing

Anima Render

The details entered on the Anima Render costs calulator.
Prices for Anima Render

Fox Render Farm

The details entered on the Fox Render Farm costs calulator.
Prices for Fox Render Farm

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