Olivia Davis

Are there free render farms and how to use them?

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Free rendering options

If you're a graphic designer, animator, or VFX artist, you know that rendering can be a real headache. It can take hours, or even days, to render a single frame of a project. That's why many people turn to render farms to help speed up the process. But are there free render farms out there? Let's take a look.

Commerial Render farms

First, it's important to note that almost all render farms are paid services. This is because rendering is an extremely resource-intensive process that requires a lot of processing power, storage, and bandwidth. Companies that operate render farms need to invest in top-of-the-line hardware and software, as well as pay for maintenance and upkeep. All of this costs money, which is why most render farms charge a fee for their services.

Example farms:
1. Render4You.
2. PixelPlow.
3. Vsocloud
4. Drop & Render.
5. Rebus farm.

The full list can be viewed here.

Free Render farm

However, there is one community render farms out there that are absolutely free. These are run by volunteers who share their own machines to help others render their projects. It's called Sheepit render farm. Sheepit is a peer-to-peer render farm that allows users to render their projects for free, while also earning credits to render their own projects later.

The way it works is simple: when you upload your project to Sheepit. , it gets broken down into small chunks that are distributed across multiple computers. Other users who have volunteered to share their machines will then render those chunks and send them back to Sheepit to be assembled into the final project. In return for rendering other people's projects, you earn credits that you can use to render your own projects later on. Meaning you also need to share your own machine.

Of course, there are some downsides to using a community render farm like Sheepit. First, It's not secure, meaning other people can view your job. Secondly, It's only for Blender. So if you are using any other 3D software like: Cinema 4D, Maya, 3Ds Max, Houdini or others you must use a commerial render farm.

Commerial render farms can still be afforiable, many offer student discounts, prices vary a lot between farm so it's good to do a little research. On our website you can find and compare all render farms avaiable and find the best option for you to use. Also the prices. Compare render farms.